Don’t just want to be a mere hardware company. Every company aim to become a one-stop-shop for all manufacturing, distribution and education needs in the small-tech industry.

As the new ventures outside of the traditional scope of their business will focus on creating an end-to-end ecosystem that will work seamlessly with their products from R&D through production.

revenue strategy for business

A.C. Coin, an abbreviation for Advanced Consumer Coin, is utilised for small payments that are a perfect fit for microprocessors, digital cameras and other devices.

The company aims to become a one-stop-shop for all manufacturing, distribution and education needs in the small-tech industry. They aim to do this by developing new products while at the same time expanding their business into other areas of technology and business, including solar panels and mobile terminals with advanced multimedia capabilities like interactive TV.

They use their capital and expertise in the manufacturing of semiconductor chips and integrated circuits to create a new line of multi-functional solar panels. It is expected that these solar panels will be used as an energy source for their own products and to power the mobile terminals they are developing.

The mobile terminal is just one of several industries that are making investments. They have also begun investing in Internet-enabled multimedia TVs, working on creating interactive applications for this device that can be used by manufacturers to make our lives easier by eliminating several manual processes. This in turn will save companies time, money and help them to increase their bottom line by expanding their business.

The companies are now working with several partners to launch a new initiative dedicated to the creation of smart sensors that will be used in conjunction with microcontrollers. These sensors are essential for the production of small scale products like wearable devices. PSM will be using these smart sensors in their new line of wearable devices that are targeted at a younger audience.

To take it one step further will be working with partners to create a revenue strategy free platform that helps small companies to manage the manufacturing process of their products and also allows them to test their prototypes. This platform will be essential in helping small companies develop new products and reach customers.

If looking at the big picture. They are not just focusing on the manufacturing and distribution aspects of business, but they are looking at creating an entire ecosystem that enables small companies to create high-quality products faster, easier and cheaper.

Their new revenue strategy is based on two main pillars: a contribution model for partners and an ecosystem.

The company will be using the A.C. Coin to allow partners to gain access to technology and then help them build their products faster and cheaper and help them reach larger customer bases. Partners will have several opportunities to use their products, like testing their prototypes on the PSM platform or accessing their new line of solar panels. This way companies can save time, reduce cost, produce better quality products and increase sales.

Considering many of the partners are new companies looking for capital or a place to expand into new markets, this exchange model gives them an opportunity that they would not have received otherwise.


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