Physicians are one of the most sought-after professions worldwide. When aspiring undergraduate and graduate students research medical school rankings, they look for institutions with the highest quality education and the most prestigious and rewarding degrees.

The journey of becoming a doctor begins with a thousand questions. How can I go to medical University? Which is the top Medical University in the world? Which Medical University offers the best path for medical research? How do I get the most clinical exposure while in college? What courses do I need to take to be admitted to the best medical school during high school or undergraduate?

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There is no easy or quick way to become a doctor. It’s hard work. But if you are ready to take the Hippocratic oath and save lives, then here is the best international medical school in the world.

According to Q.S. World University Rankings 2021, the top 10 medical schools have earned their reputation by producing complete and successful careers in medicine and research.

  • Best Global Medical Universities:
Ranking of Global Medical Universities University Location
Rank 1Harvard UniversityCambridge, Massachusetts
Rank 2University Of OxfordOxford, UK
Rank 3University Of CambridgeCambridge, UK
Rank 4Stanford UniversityPalo Alto, California
Rank 5Johns Hopkins UniversityBaltimore, Maryland
Rank 6Karolinska InstituteSolna, Sweden
Rank 7University Of CaliforniaLos Angeles, California
Rank 8Yale UniversityNew Haven, Cannecticut
Rank 9University College of LondonLondon, UK
Rank 10Imperial College LondonLondon, UK

About Harvard University:

Number one, Harvard Medical School is considered by many to be the best in the world. The University is famous for its distinguished faculty and premium teaching hospitals, including Massachusetts General and Boston Children’s Hospital.

Harvard developed its medical curriculum in the late 1800s and continued to advance in medical innovation and impact. The program is research-oriented, producing many widely respected clinical studies and research papers.

The institution has consistently ranked as the number one medical school globally, making it extremely attractive – and exclusive to potential students. Students receive M.D. And a wide range of degrees, including Ph. Ds, and more diverse degrees like M.D./MBAs.

harvard university

About University of Oxford:

Just one place ahead of its UK-based competitors, Oxford University is often regarded as home to some of the best medical institutions outside the United States. Like its European counterpart, students start studying their medicine directly. Oxford also offers an accelerated program for those who have completed their undergraduate degree and are ready to pursue undergraduate medical studies. You will find Oxford alumni in various fields, including academia, research, and personal practice.

Students become proficient from initial research work and are encouraged to think critically and creatively. They gain technical expertise in laboratory benches, as well as in presenting and managing scientific information. Courses are divided into three-year pre-clinical sections and three-year clinical sections.

The campus is one of the most beautiful and historic in the world. In addition to receiving world-class elite education, you do it with style and wonder. Also, you can socialize and study with the brightest people in the world.

oxford university

About University of Cambridge:

Third place, Cambridge Medical School was founded in 1540, making it the oldest institution on the list. Cambridge allows students to study medicine at the undergraduate level and graduate as a doctor in just six years.

Cambridge specializes in biomedical science in particular – its most notable achievement was the discovery of DNA in 1953. Notable alumni include Ivan Hughes (a world-renowned pediatrician) and Barbara Sahakian (a globally recognized clinical psychologist).

Like Oxford, students go to the clinical study at Edenbrook Hospital to put their theory into practice three years later.

Finally, the UK institute is renowned for its extra-curricular and world-class research.

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About Stanford University:

Despite its success and excellence, known for its business and entrepreneurship, Stanford University is home to one of the world’s leading Medical Universities. Stanford offers many dual degrees, including an MD and a Ph.D. It has popular combinations, which facilitate the path between medicine and research.

Like Johns Hopkins, Stanford’s medical program is small. Each group usually has 90-100 students. In Silicon Valley, Stanford Medical School students enjoy state-of-the-art technology at their fingertips. Their location enables more opportunities for medical research to reach the application stage.

stanford university

About John Hopkins University:

Johns Hopkins Medical School is one of the top medical schools in the United States. It is affiliated with the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital, responsible for developing medical specialties such as neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, and pediatrics.

Unlike other medical schools featured on this list, Johns Hopkins Medical School boasts a highly competitive program, acknowledging only 3.9% of applicants. Johns Hopkins, for example, has a relatively small class size, often with only 120 students.

Despite the competitive nature of their application, Johns Hopkins creates a collaborative environment between students and teachers. Famous alumni include Harvey Williams Cushing, an American neurosurgeon, pathologist, and author who was the first physician to describe Cushing’s disease.

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About Karolinska Institution:

The Karolinska Institutet is the third European medical school on this list. It is the largest center for academic medical research in Sweden, accounting for 40% of its medical research. Unlike other universities on this list, Karolinska Institutet is one of the cheapest medical schools in the world – it is free for all students living in the EU.

The University is located in Stockholm, one of the most culturally diverse and historic cities in Europe, and offers a wide range of medical education under one roof.

You may be familiar with the institution because it awards the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine every year. It has also graduated notable Nobel laureates such as Torsten Wiesel and Thomas Lindell.

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About the University Of California:

California is one of the most famous public medical schools, ranking 4th in the United States and 7th in the world. UCLA Medical Center, a primary education hospital for those pursuing a degree in medicine or nursing, provides a variety of specialized field training. Students can pursue multiple programs and joint degrees, including MD and Ph.D., MD and MBA, and MD and Masters in Public Affairs.

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About Yale University:

Yale University is one of the most advanced medical schools globally. Interestingly, this medical school emphasizes that students do not need to major in anything related to health as a graduate unless they meet the prerequisites for admission to medical school.

Yale also has several undergraduate schools and programs, offering students a variety of dual-degree combinations, including MD and JD, MD and MBA, and MD and MDiv (Masters of Divinity). In addition, about 20% of students prefer to do MD and Ph.D.

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About University College of London:

This prestigious institution has been educating students since 1834, making it one of the oldest medical schools in the world. Like most world universities – except universities in the United States – UCL students have the option of pursuing a bachelor’s degree in medicine and completing a degree within six years or pursuing a master’s degree in medicine after completing a separate bachelor’s degree.

UCL has several departments within the Faculty of Medicine, including Neuroscience, Immunology and Inflammation, Infectious Diseases, Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction, and Surgery and Cancer. UCL Medical School has several impressive alumni, including the President of the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal College of Surgeons of England, and the General Medical Council Chair.

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About Imperial College London:

The 10th top medical school globally is the Imperial College School of Medicine. Located in South Kensington, London, and founded in 1823, this world-class medical school uses traditional teaching methods, including lectures, tutorials, and lab sessions for the first two years.

Medical program students take a “progress test” every 2-3 weeks. These assessments reflect their final grades. Sir Alexander Fleming, the famous researcher who discovered penicillin, studied at the Imperial College School of Medicine. In addition, early in the Covid-19 outbreak, Imperial College made significant progress in running a vaccine.

imperial college london


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