People usually think that what is an extension and how chrome extension can be used?

So here is the answer. “An extension is a software program that can help you to customize your experience” you can also say that it an addon that will help to manage the things properly.This can be directly installed in a browser’s with one click.

Chrome extension is an add-on feature that will easier your task by giving you extra functionality on your platforms. Likewise, every social media platform have a couple of tools that will make your task easier, similarly the extension will also make your task simpler or easier then tools.

google chrome extension

Free 20 Google Chrome Extension


LastPass is a password management chrome extension that auto-fills all account password that you have saved in an extension. In this you only have to remember one password, that will help you to secure your personal data.


2. Bitly

Bitly helps you to shorten, optimize and measure your link. This extension also help you to share your link directly on the social media platform with the help of this browser.



Grammarly is a free google chrome extension, that will help you to improve your grammar.This extension will work on all websites and will make also sure that all the messages, social media post, documents, etc are free from grammar error.

grammarly googleextension

4.Google Page Analytics

Google page analytics will give you full analytic of your website.This extension will help you to see how a customer is interacting with your website pages when you add a web page to google analytic you can view following metrics such as avg time spent on the page, bounce rate, Unique Pageviews, Pageviews, etc. These analytics will help you to see a user experience on your webpage.

google page analytic.

5.Toolkit for Facebook

Toolkit for Facebook is a chrome extension of the collection of automation tools of facebook. This toolkit will help you to add and remove a multiple friends,add and remove the multiple group, you can also send a message to multiple people and much more is their in this kit.

toolkit for facebook extension.

6.Desktop for Instagram

Desktop for Instagram is a chrome extension that helps you to open an Instagram on desktop.In this you work same as you are working on a cell phone.

desktop for instagram chrome extension.


RiteTag is a chrome extension that will help you to find a right tag (hashtag) on your social media platform.This extension is performing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc

Ritetag chrome extension.

8.Figure it Out

Figure it out is a chrome extension that will help you to work on different time zone project. This extension will tell you the time zone of the country you choose.

Figure it out chrome extension.


Lightshot extension helps you to customize your screenshots of an area you select.This extension will give you fastest and easiest way to customization screenshot.

lightshot sceenshots extension.


Momentum is a tab that will help you to display a personal dashboard with a feature of the to-do list, you can daily assign your task with an amazing inspiring photo with quotes on it that update you.

Momentum dashboard.

11. Share on facebook

Share on Facebook is an easy and quick way to share your content on a facebook page, groups and messenger you can also highlight some text and also tags your friends and other brands.

Share button for facebook extension.


Todoist is a reminder extension that will remind you of the task by continuously poking you until you cannot do the task. This will also help you to create a project and assign the task to each individual on your group.

Todoist extension.


Pablo is an chrome extension that will help you to create an amazing social media post with correct size and format you can also download the image from Pablo or you can also directly share these images on your social media platforms.

Pablo extension.


This chrome extension will help you to streamline your social media post by giving them more option like sharing, posting, scheduling, link shortening service and much more.

SEMrush social media extension.


Giphy is an extension that will help you find an amazing and relevant GIF.

Giphy extension.


BuzzSumo gives you an insight report of how your content is performing on social media it can also provide you an insight report of your content engagement, competitor analysis to help you to plan your strategy.

Buzzsumo chrome extension.

17.Linkedin Helper

Linkedin helper is a LinkedIn extension that will help you to manage a LinkedIn platform. This tool helps you to connect with target contacts, this tool also has a bot which auto visit the profile and messaging sequentially.

Linkedin helper extension.

18.Pin it Button

Pin it button will help you to add an image on the extension with one click. It will help you to plan a social media calendar and will also help you to share a relevant content to your audience.

Pin it button.

19.Postcron for Chrome

Postcron is an extension that will help you to share your post directly on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. This extension also gives you a facility to schedule your post on these platforms.

Postcron addon.

20.Extension Manager

If you have all different types of extension and won’t be able to manage then this extension will help you to manage all extension so that it cannot cover half of your browser’s screen.

Extension manager chrome extension.


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